Community Involvement

  1. No Casino Vaughan Member (2013).
  2. Sandra Papatello Liberal Vaughan Delegate (2012).
  3. Downtown Vaughan Name Contest Runner Up-I chose Vaughan Metro Centre.
  4. Vaughan Youth City Councilor established 1st in Canada.
  5. 2008 Runner Up in Vaughan Downtown.
  6. 2005-2009 Community Representative.
  7. Established Vaughan Youth Councilor (2005-2006).
  8. Supported and lobbied with SAVI for Senior Tax Credit Supplement $500 was the liberal provincial policy.
  9. Woodbridge Heritage Kipling Master Plan Member protected the Heritage Building and planned low scale development along Kipling (2007-2010).
  10. Supported and spoke to purchase land to build Vaughan Hospital (2008-2009).
  11. Spoke and lobbied Region of York to put Teston Road in between Dufferin-Keele (in the 10 year construction plan- only Rutherford and Major Mackenzie go east-west).
  12. Supported residents across Vaughan with major planning applications at Kipling/Hwy 7, Vellore Woods, Vaughan Valley Estates, Woodbridge Ave and Wallace for proper planning that respects the residents.
  13. Awarded City of Vaughan classic volunteer award (2005, 2006, 2007).
  14. 2010 Regional Councilor Core Campaign Member.
  15. 2017 Community Volunteer Winner on behalf of the Carrying Place Repairs Association (2017).
  16. Co-Founder of the outdoor classroom at St. Jean de Brebeuf in Vellore Village (2016).
  17. Supported the Sonoma Heights community regarding the condo application at Islington and Napa Valley getting a petition of 650 residents informing them about this application.
  18. In 2006, ran for Regional Councillor at 18 years old received 6000 votes came 6/9 top 3 win only 1000 spent, 100 signs, 10,000 business cards.
  19. City of Vaughan 400 North Employment Lands Committee 2005- 2006
  20. City of Vaughan Vellore Woods Safety Committee Member 2005-2006
  21. City of Vaughan Woodbridge Heritage Committee Member 2005- 2006
  22. City of Vaughan Park Ambassaor 2005-2009, 2011
  23. City of Vaughan Youth Council Mmemeber 2005-2007
  24. City of Vaughan Together for Maple Committee 2005 – 2007
  25. City of Vaughan Accesibility Committee memeebr 2005-2006
  26. City of Vaughan Woodbridge Qyadcentennial Committee Member-2005-2007
  27. City of Vaughan Grandparents SAVI Youth Chair
  28. City of Vaughan Chancellor Seniors Chat Volunteer 2005- 2006
  29. Honourary Judge in 1st Annual Vaughan Youth Fest with St. Margaret Mary Youth Club
  30. OSL Woodbridge Italia  Manager in 2005 -2007
  31. Woodbridge Strikers u18 Manager